As mentioned above, we host an eye clinic right here at Casa Hogar every other year.  A group of volunteer optometrists and assistants come to Casa Hogar to provide free eye exams to those who could otherwise never afford eye care.  Thanks to the hard work of everyone at the Lions Club, we receive thousands of pre-labeled glasses that we can then give to the patients the same day.  The eye clinic is hosted right at Casa Hogar, so everyone teamstogether to lend a hand.  Each mission we are able to care for thousands of patients.  For many, this is the first pair of glasses that they have ever received.

Eye Missions

Spreading the success

Casa Hogar has a full-time social worker on staff who is responsible for identifying children in need of coming to Casa Hogar as well as constant follow-up on their family situation. She also receives many social cases from nearby. People of all ages and difficult situations come to Casa Hogar and find counseling as well as assistance with clothing, furniture, medicine and food.

Since the implementation of the Boys Town Program, the behavior and attitude of our children, as well as and the professionalism of our staff, have earned a positive reputation for Casa Hogar. Many in the surrounding communities, as well as other childcare institutions in Peru, have expressed learning more about the Program. We have “loosely” started parenting classes, once again using the Boys Town Common Sense Parenting materials. The need and demand are high and we look forward to establishing this service outreach further.

Another way we are starting to spread the success of Casa Hogar is through the Association of Orphanages in the Lima area that has recently been started. Several orphanages from the area meet with Casa Hogar once a month to discuss ways to help with things like food costs, activities for the orphanages and donations. Apart from the powdered milk we are able to share with the orphanages, we collaborate with them to get donations from local businesses.

Family Preservation is another aspect of the Boys Town Program that we will be introducing soon. This program works with the biological family before it breaks up, identifying each individual’s strengths and teaching them how to keep the family intact and working.

Community  Outreach

Thanks to drinking milk on a daily basis, in addition to the balanced meals they receive at Casa Hogar, our kids are up to par with American standards regarding nutrition, height and weight.  A special thanks to all of the farmers who donate the milk and everyone at Grassland milk who processes it into powdered milk to be shipped to us.  If you are interested in donating to Project Milk, please email us at: for more information.  Click here to see a video about Project Milk:

Jess Mollison, previous Director of Development for the orphanage, helps out with the unloading

He used to tell the story of meeting a young boy by his house.  It was lunchtime and the little boy was outside playing soccer by himself.  Fr. Joe asked him why he didn’t go home to eat lunch and he responded, “It’s not my day to eat.”  Hundreds of families in Peru are struggling to put food on the table and for some that means rotating days for which children can eat.  Project milk has assisted thousands of people by providing them with the essential nutrients for a healthy body.  It is especially important for growing children.

Each year, Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II is very fortunate to receive a large shipment of powdered milk which is donated thanks to the tremendous efforts made by our faithful friends in the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Through the years the Diocese has shipped nearly 450 tons of milk to Peru.  In recent years Grassland Dairy ® has teamed with Project Milk to process the milk.  This donation not only permits our children to drink milk 365 days of the year, it also allows Casa Hogar to be a distribution center to others in need. Every year, we are able to provide several soup kitchens, many other orphanages, and individual social cases with powdered milk.

Project Milk was started in 1984 by the Rural Life committee.  The connection came from Fr. Joe Walijewski, founder of Casa Hogar.  While he was living in the outskirts of Lima, Peru he saw thousands of people suffering from malnutrition


Dental Missions

In 2000, Casa Hogar received a generous donation of two dental chairs and equipment for a small dental clinic. Since then, with the help of volunteer dentists, we have been providing dental work for our children and staff. This has also been the site of four international dental missions.

All mission members paid their own airfare and spent their vacation time in order to provide free medical services, bring hope and make the dreams of many a reality. Our missions  involve identifying the patients most in need and least likely to afford medical care, and providing free operations.  Although our efforts have benefited thousands, there are still many living in the shadows and sadness of their suffering that are waiting for our help.  We receive our supplies through Sharing Resources Worldwide, who also organize the medical missions.  For more information on Sharing Resources Worldwide please visit their website

In an effort to bring help to people in need outside the doors of Casa Hogar, we have hosted 10 international surgical medical missions that have impacted the lives of hundreds of people since 2001. These missions have included opthamologists, students of optometry, an ocularist, dentists, plastic surgeons, pediatricians, anesthetists, nurses and many volunteers.
We are currently unable to host medical missions but still provide optical exams to the community every other year. We hope to soon be able to start coordinating medical missions as we have in the past!

Medical Missions

Thanks to the generous donations of food that we receive from an organization in Canada, we are able to deliver food to other orphanages and soup kitchens.  This has helped us greatly to build a strong relationship with the other child-care facilities in the area.  When we receive shipments of milk through Project Milk we are also able to deliver some to those in need within our community.  Donations that we receive help our kids as well as others in our community.

At Casa Hogar the milk is used to prepare a variety of meals.  Some of the childrens’ favorites are arroz con leche (rice milk with cinnamon) and aji de gallina (shredded chicken with a cheesy sauce).   During the chilly winter the kids love having a warm glass of milk before heading to school in the morning or at night to warm up.

Casa Hogar’s head chef relies on the milk to be sure the children get the balanced nutrition they need.

Hundreds of children in Peru benefit from each shipment of powdered milk.

Volunteers and Casa employees help unload the milk from the latest shippment