Our children have a special prayer ministry in which they pray daily for the intentions of our friends and benefactors.   If you have an intention that you would like to send to us please email us at: prayers@homeajpm.org or follow this link to the website on

The work that we do at Casa Hogar can be very tiring, both physically and mentally.  We rely on the prayers of our supporters to keep us going strong.  Please keep us in your prayers.  It is only through the many gifts that God has blessed us with that we are here and we as you to please help us to keep going strong.  Our founder Fr. Joe was a very holy man.  It was only through his complete reliance and confidence in God that he was able to achieve so many accomplishments during his life, including founding Casa Hogar.  Please join us in thanking God for all He has provided for Casa Hogar and asking Him to continue to watch over us and our work.