The Family Program is governed by a point-based system which records the children’s positive and negative behavior. The child needs to earn a certain number of points each day in order to earn his privileges. Privileges can consist of listening to the radio, playing board games, supervised free-time, sweet snacks, TV, and the use of the telephone. Other privileges might be an allowance, an outing, or something of special interest to the child. Points are earned, or lost, depending on the behavior of the child; whether or not he is using the skills that he has been taught. At Casa Hogar, no child is ever “punished” for doing something wrong. But, by the consequences of their own behavior, they can deny themselves the things they like. Every day they are given a new start, no matter how bad their behavior was the day before. Every day they receive a brand new point card where their points are registered.

The Program is divided into three systems, each offering progressively more freedom and independence. As the child advances and matures, he moves up through three systems: daily, weekly, and achievement. Yet, the change must be gradual for the kids to internalize the skills and to integrate them into their daily lives so that the positive behaviors will be permanent.

The kids have embraced the Program and the difference in the children is amazing and encouraging. They have a healthy self-esteem; they are happy; they relate well with one another; they are doing exceptionally well academically; they are growing spiritually; they have earned a very good reputation in the local and surrounding communities and schools; and they want to be here! At first glance, some may think the Program is rigid and cold. It is not. There is a balance between the head and the heart which is what makes it healthy.