With a strong sense of what is “right” and “wrong”, the kids will be able to lead healthy lives and with their faith will be able to get through life’s challenges. We want them to know that whatever anyone takes from them, no one can take their faith, their hope in God.

The children go to Mass every Sunday and also may choose to do so during the week. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is available for Family Teachers and the children as well as Confession. The kids take preparatory classes for First Holy Communion, Baptism and Confirmation in addition to catechism classes. We offer them what we know and have to the best of our ability, but ultimately growth in their faith life is up to them.


The importance of faith life is not to be underemphasized. The final aspect of the Family Program is values and spirituality. Today’s world has learned to be tolerant of a lack of values and has pushed aside spirituality to the point where it makes it easy to create problems and then hard to overcome them. The old-fashioned values of honesty, respect, hard work, loyalty, morals, and sense of Christian duty have their wisdom. Combining values with morals and spirituality, we are able to teach the kids sacredness of life, respect for self and for others as well as give them hope. The kids have had much taken away from them, most notably, their families. Their future, as anyone’s, is questionable.